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Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love, and joy underneath the pain is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.
-Eckhart Tolle

Yoga Equipment

When healing and resilience-building practices from the yoga tradition are utilized, improvements in the often debilitating symptoms of anxiety and depression can be lessened, the nervous system soothed and balanced. The mind learns to break the cycle of negative thinking that often occurs in both anxiety and depression.

What is Yoga Therapy, and how can it help?

Yoga Therapy is the careful combination of yoga practices used to help facilitate healing and alleviate the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. These practices include physical postures, breathwork, meditation, and other mindfulness techniques. 

Move Better.

Breathe Better.

Feel Better.

Feel like yourself again!

With anxiety and depression–and often these two go hand in hand–it is beneficial to work individually between student and yoga therapist. This is the beauty of therapeutic yoga. While yoga in a class setting can be beneficial, here at Infinite Breath Yoga Therapy, our yoga therapy sessions are customized specifically to you and your unique set of circumstances. 

Healing Modalities with Lauren Albarella with Infinite Breath Yoga Therapy of Cincinnati Ohio

Yoga helps improve everything our bodies have been through.

Anxious Feelings

Trapped in the Body

Slowing your breath can reduce fast heart rate and rapid, shallow breathing. Working with the breath is one of the most efficient ways to calm the nervous system. You will learn a variety of breathwork techniques customized to you.

Lack of Connection and Disassociation

Yoga as a physical practice can help get you moving, improve blood flow and circulation, and release "feel-good" endorphins. Yoga mindfulness techniques help reduce stress and calm the mind and body. You will learn practices that can help elicit a feeling of joy and connectedness.

Emotional Difficulties

Yoga gives us the space and practice to feel and process difficult emotions healthily. You can learn to feel safe in your body again, and therefore more equipped to handle difficult emotions and circumstances. You will discover that you are not your emotions.

Substance Abuse

Through yogic techniques, you’ll be able to reduce withdrawal reactions, cravings and cope with triggers. Yoga is a healthy and powerful coping mechanism.

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Practice. Heal. Thrive.

Our Yogic Techniques

Lauren in Child's pose on a yoga mat


Calm and balance the nervous system

Lauren in Warrior Two on a yoga mat


Relaxation for trauma sensitive healing

Lauren seated looking at the camera on a yoga mat


Relieve stress and minimize negative thinking

Yoga provides you with a path back to health and wellbeing–it’s where the deeper healing begins!

Anxiety and depression are incredibly pervasive in today's society... multiple years into a pandemic, a chaotic global environment, hustle culture, and the lack of connection many of us feel towards others and community is taking its toll.


Contemplating the staggering statistics can be overwhelming - and if you are suffering from either anxiety or depression, you may feel overwhelmed inside yourself. Fortunately, the yogic tradition offers us practices to help. You can feel good again and build a solid resilience to help face life's challenges with more ease, upliftment, and stability.

Yoga Therapy offers powerful healing practices that help to:

  • Calm and balance the nervous system.

  • Improve sleep quality.

  • Create a safe reconnection with the body.

  • Improve the stress response.

  • Provide a space to process difficult emotions.

  • Improve focus and concentration.

  • Help to re-establish a sense of joy and connection.

  • Yoga Therapy complements other treatments as a non-medicinal approach.

*Depending on the type and severity of symptoms, consultation with a mental health professional may be recommended. Lauren Albarella is not a Talk Therapist or a medical professional, and Yoga Therapy is NOT talk therapy nor a replacement for it. Talk to your therapist or your physician to ensure that yoga and Yoga Therapy are right for you.


Let's Get Started

Book a complimentary discovery call with Lauren Albaralla to discuss if Yoga Therapy is right for you. She will work together with you to build a doable home practice that fits into your schedule and lifestyle.

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