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Resiliency Yoga for Anxiety Relief

A Customized Yoga Therapy Program for Anxious, Stressed, and Doing-it-All Women

I See YOU...


You may feel easily triggered, quick to anger or quick to shutdown because it all feels like too much.

Disconnected and Exhausted

You feel disconnected from your body, inner calm and that peaceful center you know is there but can't access. Quality sleep and sustained energy are fleating at best.

Anxious and Stressed

You might feel a racing heart, tense stomach, and an overall sense of unease.  Life's stresses just keep coming.

THE REAL REASON YOU FEEL STUCK AND STRESSED IS BECAUSE → Our society values achievement and success above self-care, leaving many of us feeling stuck and stressed. Women are often expected to juggle multiple responsibilities while sacrificing their own well-being to maintain productivity. Perfectionism is highly regarded in our hustle culture, and taking time for oneself is often perceived as self-indulgent. This excessive societal pressure can make it difficult to slow down and prioritize self-care, leading to feelings of being trapped in a cycle of stress and burnout.

What is the result of this dynamic? You feel overwhelmed, exhausted and stretch too thin. Your sleep may be suffering and you have pain in your physical body as well. 

This might seem scary, but we need to SLOW IT DOWN. We need to learn to reconnect to our bodies, cultivate more self-kindness and compassion, and tend to our own needs again. And we need to do it in a way that feels safe and attuned. You might feel like you have to do MORE but in reality it means doing less, and doing it mindfully in care of you - it is time to push back against the idea that it is wrong to prioritize your own well being, or that sacrificing your health is necessary to keep everything else afloat.

I know this is not easy. BUT....


  • Less reactivity

  • A quieter mind

  • A supportive inner voice

  • The ability to breathe easier

  • Less pain

  • Better sleep and more energy

  • More resiliency and ease in your life

Enter Yoga Therapy...

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR anxiety relief and more ease in your life WITHOUT quitting your job, leaving your family, and moving to a deserted island … 


I GET YOU → and trust me, reconnecting to your inner wellness does not have to be complicated. Using some accessible and powerful yogic tools along with a bit of daily practice, living a healthier, more easeful life is possible.

Yoga Therapy is the specific application of yoga tools - movement, breathwork, meditation, and other contemplative and mindfulness-based practices - to address physical, emotional, and mental suffering.

I Created X Yoga for Resilience BECAUSE OF...

...The myriad of women I see struggling (and because I have struggled as well). X Yoga is not for people who are good at yoga, are super flexible, or have lots of free time for self-care practices. 


It is for people like you who just want to feel better - and are often over-stretching themselves, tending to everyone else. 

You are NOT alone!

***I’m willing to say that most women I know suffer from some form of low-grade (and in many cases clinical) anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia, disordered eating, and trauma (both “big” and “little” t). Feelings of isolation are rampant, and we need another way to exist and thrive in this world. 

YOGA CAN BE A SOLUTION - When approached therapeutically it looks like this:


  • The effective use of yoga's deeply healing and ancient tools - but in a highly customized and strategic way adapted to our modern era.


  • Practices like movement (asana), breathwork (pranayama), sound practices (chanting), meditation, and mindfulness are layered together to help alleviate your suffering and build resilience.


  • Together we will curate a customized yoga program to help you:

    • Reconnect with yourself

    • Practice present-moment awareness

    • Think more clearly

    • Cultivate more calm and ease

    • Promote restful sleep

    • Less pain...

    • Energy.....

    • Create resiliency in mind and body

The Benefits of YOU-Centered Yoga

1:1 guidance and connection - a shared experience with me, a highly trained yoga therapist

A focus on your WHOLE person, making it a unique wellness intervention

High touch approach - we will work closely together as your practice evolves, I will be supporting you along with way

Practices customized to YOU making the process more effective and efficient

Education and awareness building around a suite of tools that exist within the yoga tradition that you can practice for life

The Framework

YOU-Centered Yoga includes…

  • A three-phase framework - Root, Relationship, and Resilience

  • 1:1 sessions every other week (or at a pace that suits your needs)

  • Custom-recorded videos to facilitate your home practice

  • Ongoing support and guidance from me throughout your journey

Phase 1 - ROOT

Key learnings: Grounding and centering, posture basics, breathing basics and how to use interception for better present-moment awareness and body connectivity.


Key learnings: Building on ROOT we will move into more contemplative practices including the super tool of self-compassion, deepening inner awareness, sound practices for clearer thinking, and contemplative study.


Key learnings: Practice integration, meditation, ritual based practices and an exploration of the "bliss" body to cultivate resiliency .

The yoga therapy difference.... Hi, I'm Lauren

Yoga therapy student (student first always) and C-IAYT candidate. I have more than 8 years of yoga experience and four years dedicated to the study of yoga therapy. I'm completing my 875-hour certification - the highest currently offered in yoga therapy.

I relate to women suffering because I was one... body dysmorphia, PCOS, anxiety - and I carried around the feeling for years that "something wasn't right".

After exploring many different health and wellness modalities, I found yoga. It helped me so much with my myriad of issues that I decided to dedicate my professional life to yoga therapy. 

Yoga therapy is unique in its WHOLE PERSON APPROACH

Why It Matters...


Because you are a whole person… not just the anxiety, or back pain or the trauma…. Even what we might consider more “simple” issues in the physical body can be more powerfully and effectively addressed when we look at the whole person…


What do I mean by this? As a yoga therapist, I try to get a very good understanding of who my clients are as people, what their life is like, who they spend time with, what they eat, how they sleep, what the stressors are and how they respond to problems and challenges.


We can tackle imbalances showing up in all areas - within the body, energetically, the layers of the thinking and subconscious mind and within the deepest layer that represents meaning and connection in life (and to all things) - the bliss body.

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