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Yoga Therapy Practices


A Balancing Practice for Anytime

This is a pretty quick practice that contains a few different elements. First, we do three Sun Salutations (of course, do more time/energy permitting). Next, we go through some rounds of alternate nostril breathing, and finally, the practice ends with a short body scan. 

This practice can be done anytime. You can use it as a morning session to kick-start your day, for an afternoon boost, or as a quick practice in the evening. 

This is balancing the body and might even help settle an anxious mind. Give it a try anytime you need some help re-settling. 

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra Jun 22-2021Infinite Breath Yoga Therapy
00:00 / 14:40
Yoga Nidra, or “yogic sleep,” is a guided meditation technique that can calm the nervous system, help reduce anxiety, release negative thought patterns, and improve overall well-being (references HERE and HERE). Below is a 15-minute yoga nidra practice.

The Joint Freeing Series

The Joint Freeing Series (JFS) is a short practice that moves each joint through its full and natural range of motion. It facilitates joint health, improves circulation, and allows mindful observation of the body. The practice is short at about 12 minutes, as shown in the video (but certainly can be done more quickly or more slowly, time permitting). It can be practiced first thing in the morning, during the afternoon for a quick, healthy movement break, or in the evening to wind down. The JFS is a wonderful, therapeutic practice!

Yoga Practice for Energizing

This practice is to accomplish a few things:
1 - Demonstrate how to incorporate several elements in practice beyond Asana in a short time.
2 - Have a practice built around a specific purpose.
3 - Give an idea about what a therapeutic practice can look like.

What do I mean by therapeutic? A practice set up to achieve a positive benefit in mind and body. We incorporate more elements than asana to accomplish this goal.

Regarding yoga therapy, our purpose would typically be to create a healing response when a person suffers from a specific condition. So, this is still a general practice. Yoga Therapy practices are customized to the individual in need.


Yoga for Anger

This is a practice that can be used to help manage difficult heat building emotions such as anger. Feeling anger from time to time is normal of course. However, if we find ourselves in a cycle where the anger feels unmanageable, is consistent and is causing a lot of disruptions to our daily lives, its important to address this. Yoga offers us a number of tools that can help manage anger and related feelings such as frustration, aggressiveness, hatred and so on. The goal of this practice is to build some heat in the center of the body, feel into it, and then gently release it by slowing down using floor poses, breathwork, chanting, affirmation and ending with a five minute savasana. This is a 30 minute practice so pretty efficient!

Yoga for Grounding

If you have feelings of being off-center, or mind all over the place, you are not alone. This is a common complaint, and in its extreme form can manifest as anxiety. I know this first hand! This is a practice that means to help re-establish a feeling of being grounded and reentered. It involves a short flow on the floor, breathwork and a short sound practice - finishing with an affirmation, "I am safe, grounded and centered in my being". 
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