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Benefits of Working with a Yoga Therapist, Offerings and Investment

The biggest benefit of working with me is customized and guided access to the power and healing benefits of yoga. If you are struggling with a challenging chronic condition, you know how difficult it is to see real improvement in your symptoms and overall wellbeing. It can be frustrating and exhausing (I have been there!).

As a Yoga Therapist, I am ready to:

  • Work with YOU as an individual
  • Listen deeply and truly get to know you and your unique situation
  • Customize yogic tools specifically toward improving your health challenges
  • Refine techniques and programs over time that will help you feel better
  • Help empower you on your own healing journey

Yoga helps to build resilience and tap into our own inner ability to heal.  We harness the power of this ancient tradition on a very individual level..... Read on for more details on how the sessions work. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I'd love to connect with you.

Discovery Call

If you want to discuss yoga therapy in more detail, learn more about what sessions look like, and ask me any questions you like, please set up a call!

Yoga Therapy Offerings and Investment


Yoga Therapy
for Self-Healing

My signature program offers 1:1 guidance and connection from me over seven yoga therapy sessions. It emphasizes the integration of your whole person, distinguishing it as a unique wellness intervention. 

Investment: $900


Yoga Therapy
Thrive Express

In three yoga therapy sessions, we will cover the basics of yoga movement, breathwork, and meditation to help you reset your nervous system. Learn tools you can use for life and return to again and again in a simplified approach.

Investment: $270


Private Yoga -
Single Session

I also offer private yoga sessions customized to you. Depending on your needs and interests, we can cover just asana (postures), breathwork, or meditation techniques. 

Investment: $100

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