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How Yoga and
Talk Therapy

Go Hand-and-Hand

"You are not the condition you are struggling with. You are a human being with complex emotions who’s been through a lot."

– Lauren Albarella

Yoga and contemplative practices can literally change your brain (there are many studies with MRIs to prove it)

If you are thinking about seeking treatments from a Talk Therapist or are currently working with one, Yoga Therapy and Talk Therapy go hand-and-hand. Yoga Therapy compliments other therapy treatments.


  • It can help reduce the cycle of negative thinking you may be stuck in

  • It can help you move better, breathe better and feel better–you can feel like yourself again 

  • You can be happy and live a fulfilling life 

  • You can feel safely connected to your body again, and to others


​Yoga provides all of us with a path back to health and wellbeing. It also works as a wonderful complement to any other treatment you are receiving. 

*Depending on the type and severity of symptoms, consultation with a mental health professional could be recommended. Lauren Albarella is not a Talk Therapist and Yoga Therapy is NOT talk therapy nor a replacement for it. Talk to your therapist about how Yoga Therapy can be integrated into your sessions.


Yoga Therapy–Why it’s beneficial to practice during, before or after a talk therapy session!

For individuals seeking or being treated through by a Talk Therapist, adding in Yoga Therapy can be beneficial when practiced during, before or after a session.


Reduces Stress


  • Unmanaged stress

  • Helps you cope outside the office

  • Helps you get a better night's sleep so you can continue to feel better


It’s natural!

  • It’s a natural medicine for your mind and body

  • It gets your mind and body moving!

  • Great complementary medicine to your therapy

Promotes positivity!


  • Removes mental blockage

  • Regulates your emotions

  • Relaxes your body and mind

As a Certified Yoga Therapist Lauren Albarella will:

Work with you directly


“I consider who you are as a person beyond your condition, and consider your lifestyle, and preferences. We work as a team to get you on a path to wellness and resiliency, one practice at a time.”


Support you along the way


“I have used yoga practices in my own personal life for many years, helping to guide me through some incredibly difficult life challenges. I have recovered and now it is my passion to help others.”

Help you get started

“If you are interested in more detail about how Yoga Therapy might help you, book a discovery call with me so we can discuss it in more detail. We can find out if private yoga therapy sessions are right for you. This session is, of course, complimentary.”

Lauren Albarella
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Book a complimentary discovery call with Lauren Albaralla to discuss if Yoga Therapy is right for you. She will work together with you to build a doable home practice that fits into your schedule and lifestyle.

Practice. Heal. Thrive.

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